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About this site

This site has recently been redesigned, for the third time over the past seven years. It now follows the minimalist design of my site Richard Feynman.

In response to comments on the site received since 2006...

Firstly, please remember that the word "paradox", like many others, has a number of different meanings. For example, the Chambers Dictionary 2006 has: "paradox: something which is contrary to received conventional opinion; something which is apparently absurd but is or may be really true; a self-contradictory statement" - three quite different meanings. Bear this in mind before proclaiming, "This is not a real paradox because..."

Secondly, it's an anthology, a selection from other people's writings - and in this case the "other people" include some renowned thinkers on paradoxes. Bear this in mind before you dismiss what they say as "trivial", "idiotic" or the like. Only the text in italics comes from me.

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